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Wesley Chapel child custody attorney

So many important issues can stem from a divorce. Whether you or your former spouse is contemplating divorce, the choice of which law firm or Wesley Chapel child custody attorney to hire can impact your child custody case in so many ways. When it comes to concerns involving your family, particularly your children, you may get involved in a heated disagreement with your ex-spouse. While you can come to a compromise regarding the terms of timesharing and child custody, the legal process can be difficult to manage.

Child custody

There are different categories of child custody in the state of Florida:

  • Sole custody – This is when one of the parents is responsible for the child. He or she will make all important decisions.
  • Joint custody – This is when both parents share child custody in order for the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both of them.
  • Legal custody – One of the parents will be responsible for making important legal decisions such as healthcare, education, and religion.
  • Physical custody – The court will decide where the child will live and how long.


Some parents have a hard time creating a parenting agreement that meets their children’s needs. When parents continue to disagree, it is best they seek the advice of an experienced Wesley Chapel child custody attorney. A hearing may be scheduled and the judge will decide the best course of action based on the child’s best interests. Some things the judge may consider include:

  • The parents’ health
  • Relationship with the children
  • Child’s needs
  • If a parent collaborate with the other
  • Substance abuse or physical abuse
  • Geographic location

Why is the custody agreement so important?

Child custody is not only about how much time your spend with your child. There are other issues your custody agreement will include such as who makes important decisions, how the costs of raising your children will be shared, who will claim the children on tax returns, and other important issues including health care benefits and education. If you don’t have a well-versed family law attorney with you, you may end up missing out on becoming an important voice in your child’s upbringing.

Protecting your child’s future

Because child custody can be a complex process, you need the help of a Wesley Chapel child custody attorney. A good lawyer will help you make important decisions, protect your legal rights and enforce your agreement. Whether you are seeking to spend more time with your child or you have to make an important decision related to the custody of your children, DHW Law is here to help.

How can DHW Law help you?

Your children deserve a happy home. Both parents can have a positive impact on their children’s lives. But this is only possible if the child custody agreement has been well thought out. If you want sole custody of your children or need help with a time sharing agreement, we are here to help you. Our attorneys have decades of experience practicing family law in Wesley Chapel. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.