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Wesley Chapel boating accident attorney

DHW Law’s Wesley Chapel boating accident attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of boat wrecks throughout Wesley Chapel and surrounding regions. This experience allows our attorneys to bring our clients the legal expertise other land based attorneys may not possess.

The state of Florida has more boating wrecks that any other state and the highest number of registered recreational boats. In order to avoid these accidents, more boating instruction should be available. Unfortunately, Florida does not require as much mandatory instruction as other states, which means many individuals behind the wheel are left without the knowledge required to safely operate these vessels.

While some precautions such as wearing life jackets can help avoid some of these accidents, they can still happen even to the most cautious person. These accidents are mainly caused by a negligent boat operator, individuals who exposed themselves to the many dangers of watercraft and underestimate how dangerous these accidents could be.

People injured during boating accidents are entitled to compensation for their accident-related medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Your claim is basically determined on whether you are a guest of or employed by the boat owner. Also, most recreational boating accidents involve a violation of some navigational law. In most cases, these violations help support your case and make the violator liable for your losses.

It is crucial you contact a well-versed Wesley Chapel boating accident attorney if you or a loved one if you has been involved in a boat collision. Maritime law can be complex and quite different from land-based personal injury law. There are different filing deadlines as well as certain requirements you may need to meet, which only an experienced attorney may be familiar with. Personal injury attorneys with an understanding of maritime laws can help you obtain evidence and work within the legal system to reach the desired outcome.

What are your legal rights?

After a boat wreck, you can seek compensation for your losses when someone else is liable for the accident. For example, if the operator of another vessel is responsible for the accident and you were injured as a result of the negligent behaviour, you can claim your rights from his or her insurance company.

You can also pursue a claim against the boat mechanic or manufacturer if the defective parts caused the accident. Pursuing these types of claims can be difficult, especially if you don’t have clear and convincing evidence. Your attorneys can help you gather the required evidence to prove a liability when making a claim. They understand how the legal system works and will make sure you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve.

Serving victims of boating accidents in Wesley Chapel

The Wesley Chapel boating accident attorneys at DHW Law have the experience required to handle your case and obtain the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. To reach our attorneys, call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. We can take legal action and pursue your legal rights.