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If you're looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Wesley Chapel, you can trust the professional team from David H. Walkowiak to assist you with your legal needs.
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Wesley Chapel Bankruptcy Attorney

Committed to Providing Debt Relief Solutions

Life can sometimes get unpredictable. When a sudden tragedy, unanticipated layoff or unexpected injury results in overwhelming debts, bankruptcy may provide a viable option for you and your family. The skilled Wesley Chapel bankruptcy attorneys at DHW Law, P.A. bring more than 25 years of experience strategizing debt relief plans that help debtors gain control over devastating financial troubles. We utilize a comprehensive and personable approach to help place clients in the best position to succeed.

Negotiating debt relief solutions in Wesley Chapel

Countless people throughout Pasco County struggle each day with overwhelming consumer debt. Bankruptcy may not be your only option. If filing for bankruptcy in Wesley Chapel is not in your best interest, we may negotiate with your creditors to attempt to lower your debt balances and make more reasonable monthly payments.

Stop creditor harassment

Living with debt can be a constant nightmare. Each day, many people are bombarded with constant harassing phone calls from creditors. The aggressive collection methods used by creditors increases the stress of escalating debt. Fortunately, there is a solution. Once you file for bankruptcy, your creditors must immediately stop all collection efforts. The court issues an automatic stay that halts distressing letters and annoying phone calls meant to intimidate you into paying bills you cannot afford. Our lawyers relieve you of the anxiety of dealing with demanding creditors.

Wesley Chapel Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorneys

Also called liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through the sale of your assets. Eligibility for Chapter 7 is determined by the means test – a complicated mathematical formula that deducts specific expenses from your income. Many household and personal items are exempt, so you can make a fresh start with limited disruption to your life. Our lawyers calculate the means test to determine whether you qualify and evaluate whether Chapter 7 is your best option. Our Wesley Chapel Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys are committed to helping each client navigate effectively through the legal process to help eliminate debt, allowing them to regain their financial independence.

Wesley Chapel Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys

Not everyone will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your income is too high to meet the means test requirement of Chapter 7 or you have assets that you want to keep, you may benefit from Chapter 13 bankruptcy or reorganization bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a powerful tool to save your home from foreclosure and can sometimes eliminate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt. Here at the Wesley Chapel DHW Law, P.A office we assist you in developing an effective Chapter 13 repayment plan that allows you to pay debts over three to five years in regular, manageable amounts.

Wesley Chapel Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys

Chapter 11 bankruptcy permits your business to continue operating while you pay creditors under a reorganization plan. We help you escape debt and keep the business you struggled so hard to build.

Contact assertive Wesley Chapel bankruptcy attorneys helping you make a fresh start

Eliminating debt does not happen overnight. However, it becomes much easier when you have an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney in your corner. To learn more, contact DHW Law, P.A. in Wesley Chapel and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.