The Importance of Claiming Paternity for Child Support Cases
If you're paying child support, it's imperative that you have legal paternity to ensure your rights as a father are protected.
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The Importance of Claiming Paternity for Child Support Cases

Published January 13, 2018 |Posted in Paternity Attorney

The Importance of Claiming Paternity for Child Support Cases

Did you know that establishing paternity is one of the most important aspects of child support law in Wesley Chapel and other areas of Florida? Where a claim for child support is being made, paternity must be legally determined, both for the purposes of resolving family law disputes, and for the peace of mind of the child, father, and extended family. If you’re paying child support, it’s imperative that you have legal paternity to ensure your rights as a father are protected.

What is Paternity?

While you may be familiar with the word “paternity” as relating to a father in general terms, in this scenario it’s used as a legal term. Employing a paternity attorney can help non-custodial parents to establish rules such as child visitation rights and payment of child support. Paternity may also be used in lawsuits where the custody of a child, or children, is to be decided. A Wesley Chapel paternity  attorney will use their expertise and experience to:

1. Establish a father’s right to have regular contact, or visitation, with their child
2. Assist children who wish to use government resources, such as claiming disability benefit or veteran benefits based on their father’s records and credentials
3. Legitimize the relationship between a father and his child, whether that involves financial child support or otherwise
4. Ensure that children are legally positioned to inherit from their father when the time comes
5. Allow children to access their father’s medical records, should it become necessary at any point in the future

As you can see, the petition to determine paternity can come from either the child or the father, but can be particularly relevant to fathers paying child support.

Why Should I Use a Wesley Chapel Child Support Attorney?

An experienced child custody attorney can help you to explore all avenues for determining paternity, working towards the best possible outcome for both you and your child.

There are currently several ways to claim paternity in Florida, and our Wesley Chapel child support attorneys will help determine which is more appropriate in your case. These methods include:

1 Marriage – if the parents are married when a child is born, paternity is automatically established. No further action will normally be required in this case

2 Court Order – a judge may decide to establish paternity, giving a father certain rights over his child

3 Acknowledgement of Paternity – This is a form which can be completed by both parents, either in the hospital when the child is born, or later on

4 Genetic Testing – If required, a court can issue an administrative order determining paternity, based on genetic testing

5 Legitimation – If the parents marry after the child is born, this method can be used to legally determine paternity

If you’re involved in a child support or paternity case, our Wesley Chapel attorneys can help. When dealing with such an important aspect of Florida family law, it’s crucial to work with an attorney who has specific experience and a proven track record in the field.

To learn more about how we could help with your child support or paternity case, contact our Wesley Chapel office today to schedule an initial consultation


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